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Speaking shelves

Weekly Photo Challenge

Theme- Order

I would like to share the photograph of the library of Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.
A calming pleasure, an appeasing vibe, a conquering silence.
By Chahak M, February 2017, ACJ Library, Chennai, India

I don’t believe that a library maintains order or even silence.

How can a place like this be a silent one where resides a million speakers, a trillion pages and a zillion words?

It is the only place that follows order of assortment yet lacks the order of silence. With its speaking shelves, it becomes the loudest place ever.

Yet, continues to connote order, beauty and reticence.

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The Forgotten Treasure

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Heritage, depicting a ‘living tradition,’ so I decided to share photographs of the Madras Literary Society in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The red antiquated walls, the ubiquitous essence the place holds, the colonial structure reminding the mesmerizing beauty of the ancient India, the absolute silence, the archaic smell of the old books; enough to renew every bit of you. This forgotten place reminds of a hidden desolation that screams for a revival and some remembrance.

Madras Literary Society (MLS), one of the oldest libraries in South India has its roots in the colonial Indian architecture, which was established in 1812. It houses more than 55,000 books and the oldest collections hail from the 16th century which are now rare and antique. It caters to a particular type of readers especially research and archival materials which has home delivery option as well.

A library of such an invaluable worth has though lost its significance as since many years people are hardly seen around for issuing or reading books in this library. The places smells of old books. Some of them are so old that they have started to decay, while some already have as they have remained forgotten and untouched over ages.




Initiatives are being taken to save this treasurable library, and in the last 4 years, a few books have been restored by the restoration group.