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Speaking shelves

Weekly Photo Challenge

Theme- Order

I would like to share the photograph of the library of Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.
A calming pleasure, an appeasing vibe, a conquering silence.
By Chahak M, February 2017, ACJ Library, Chennai, India

I don’t believe that a library maintains order or even silence.

How can a place like this be a silent one where resides a million speakers, a trillion pages and a zillion words?

It is the only place that follows order of assortment yet lacks the order of silence. With its speaking shelves, it becomes the loudest place ever.

Yet, continues to connote order, beauty and reticence.



An avid learner. An aspiring journalist. A writer. An explorer.

2 thoughts on “Speaking shelves

  1. Hello! Iam guessing you are a current student of ACJ. I am an ACJ aspirer doing graduation right now. Do you think studying in ACJ would benefit me to become a journalist in any field (creative) other than news regarding politics/current affairs?


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