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From the diary of a cyber terrorist

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning feeling that I will see a day full of disappointments. Perplexed, I sat on the dining table thinking about the difference between the things people say and mean.

In an era where debates of violence and dispute have been taking over, the reality grounds remain far away from the public eye because behind the photo-ups lie the stories that are hidden from the common lore.

Three restless days, sleepless nights and a city busy talking about me and the accusations that declared me to be a cyber criminal. I had hacked the information of the city’s most affluent politician’s son who had committed a crime and managed to escape the public attention. Money and power, more important than the life of a being, isn’t it? I decided to expose him in. Spending days about researching and nights spent on how to bring out the news, I decided to hack their social networking mediums and other important documents.

The next day his secrets were all over the internet. Gone viral!

Though, I was stunned to meet my reward. The situation had completely turned upside down. More than the actual criminal I was accused of being a hacker. No! My inner voice was screaming, wanting to reach out to everyone. But no one cared to listen. Not even my own father, who was ashamed of me. As I walked out of the door yesterday, I could hear my neighbour telling his daughter to ‘maintain a distance’ from me and to delete all her social networking accounts as I could access them and publicize information.

Since they were blaming me without knowing my reasons, it was right on their behalf to have found me perverted. But the network securities were weak enough to be hacked. I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.

Now I’m emotionally drained sitting on the brink of a volcano waiting to erupt. I wish people could understand me and see that what I did was for the greater good. I am not a monster. The son of that politician needs to be under arrest for the gruesome act he committed.



An avid learner. An aspiring journalist. A writer. An explorer.

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